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w_h Hello I have been having very similar complications this was my first spherical of Clomid and 35 days no periods though have signs of pregnancy Regular urination, dizzy spells, breat tenderness but I took my HPT and it is negative so called the Dr. she advised me to take blood test looking ahead to The end result.

Lowla Hello, I'm in precisely the same boat as You simply I am on day 32 of my cycle, and nevertheless no AF after 50 mg of clomid.  Did you say you are likely to take the Clomid without an AF?  If this is the case let me know.  As I know I ovulated this cycle on working day eighteen. I had spotting with the 29 working day to now but it had been very scant (unsure if it absolutely was AF or not?).  Boobs hurt, moody, and so on.

But my period came so irregular (like having period for evry four months and bought worst pimples ever. I took BC again until I received married on January 2009. My period came Feb & March, then November. I consulted my OB last January 2010 and gave me primolut to induce my mens. After two weeks my ultrasound proven my eggcells are rather smaller sized than normal. Later on my PT appeared negative. She recommended me to get primolut again and just take clomid 50mg for 5 days starting 2nd working day of my cycle. Now forty four days but nevertheless no period and PT continues to be negative. Haisssttt.... How I wish someone with exactly the same working experience as mine can recommend... Even so, I am planning to have blood test by following month (if even now no period) to get affirmation if I'm or I'm not pregnant.

X Consider an internet pregnancy quiz to help you you figure out Should you be pregnant or if you must take a household pregnancy test.

That was it for that day likewise. But at any time considering the fact that then, I have been feeling like "I'm leaking" this time just watery CM. CM is very stretchy, "fertile" regularity. I thought my bleeding was implantation bleeding. So I chose to test on CD33 14DPO, it had been negative, but it really Was not my morning urine. I'm so confused. My bb's ache, and I have been waking up nauseated for around 4-5 days. And i have attained 5lbs overnight! I always get this Substantially when my period is owing, but no period! Went to Doc's the other day, negative urine test, blood get the job done taken. Has any individual gotten any news on just how long it took to Get the AF, or exactly what the doc did to make AF commence...... ANY site ideas?

OKN Good day. I just desired to find out the outcome of having a missed period and have negative pregnancy tests while on clomid for many who skilled this. Could it be adviceable to induce the period or not? Your reply might help anyone in have to have. ..present

Now I am on working day forty five with one hundred mg Clomid and no signal of my period.   Dr. just lately gave me another dosage of Provera (after HPTs and tests at Dr.'s Place of work have been negative) and now I'm commencing a hundred and fifty mg.  My GYN was very stumped about what was taking place viewing that all of my tests came again standard.  In case the one hundred fifty doesn't work, why is my period late for 6 days then I have to start out paying for a professional to try to figure out What's going on...  Does any individual know what on earth is that reason for this or what could be creating my irregular periods, even when on Clomid?? ..exhibit

quinny2011 thanks to your sharing. I have the silmiliar encounter as well right here. I'm 35 and had miscarriage last year, making an attempt given that but no luck. my spouse and I both had full lab test and almost nothing is Erroneous. i took ovulation house test each month and I did ovulate each month. so doc put me on 50mg clomid And that i also took ovulation household test and blood test on 21 working day. the Bizarre thing is that household test shows I'm ovulating. but my blood test is just five - telling I'm not ovulating.

Emma122180 It manufactured me feel slightly greater to know that I am not by yourself having this problem, but It will probably be lots far more much better to know if all of us here will before long article our success stories of conceiving and not the our widespread difficulties which happen to be getting worse. I'm 29 and we are attempting to have our 1st baby for almost 2 years currently but nonetheless unsuccessful. It had been Feb.2007 when I had been diagnosed with PCOS and my OB suggested me to take Diane BC. After 8 months, it had been proven in my ultrasound that it's getting distinct and suggested me to acquire 4 far more sets of Diane to wholly clear my PCOS. Without having my ultrasound, I stopped taking my BC, contemplating that it had been very clear.

due to the fact then ive not experienced a period and i cant even just take anymore clomiphene untill i receive a period and its been additional than 70 days. dont know how to proceed, can anybody hel;p or give some assistance? ive been trying to Speak to my gyno but he doesnt get back to me that's even much more stressing! ..display

winkem I am also in this circumstance, I Read Full Article have endometriosis and have been hoping for 2yrs with no luck I had been put on clomid 8 months back and obtained pregnant my fist cycle but miscarried at six wks ;-(... I have a 6y/o son that I'd when I used to be on 18y/o.

vickib2236 Hi there Wanting to know if anybody could support me, Be sure to? im likely mad! i havent experienced any periods considering that stopping the pill in July 09.

As i study from previous comment previously mentioned that you might not or may well have a period after takin Clomid even if you are not preggas, i uncover this very baffling, if you ovulated so you have intercourse the time the dr suggests and You're not preggas then wherever the d egg go? in case you didnt have a period weird I need to say. hmmm confused/dont totally have an understanding of this. superior luck to us all who are tryna conceive, keep the religion ya'all.

Would you feel drained all the time?  Tiredness, dizzyness and the need to sleep and relaxation happens during the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy.

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